What is Open Graph for Websites

Open Graph is basically a technology that’s first introduced by Facebook in year 2010, which enables integration between Facebook and a website and its user data. Through integrating Open Graph meta tags into the content of the web page, you can determine what page elements you like to show when somebody shares your page.

For […]

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5 Online Tools To Discover Influencers In Your Industry

Whether you are a small start-up company, someone looking to start their own brand, or simply someone who wishes to gain new audience, and to expand the influence of their company, discovering influencers is the key. Influencers can help you to increase your popularity, resulting in a larger number of customers, and a significantly […]

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Ways To Measure Your Online Influence

Are you running a website or perhaps you are the owner of a company? Whatever your business is, if you are dealing with customers, and if you are operating on the marketing field, tracking your online influence is a vital key to the formula of success.

Influence is directly related to perception, and as such, […]

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Why Use Https Rather Then Http

HTTPS otherwise called Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol was created to permit approval and secured transaction on the web. Transfer of confidential data or information needs to be protected in order to avoid unauthorised access to such information, and https gets this going. From multiple points of view, https is indistinguishable to http since both […]

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