10 Plugins that you “Must” have when making A WordPress Website

  It’s anything but not difficult to begin with WordPress since it’s pressed with such a large number of valuable elements right out of the container. Be that as it may, there are still some fundamental plugins worth introducing from the get-go to guarantee that you and your guests take full advantage of your website. […]

Top 10 Plugins for wordpress

Comparison Between WordPress And Joomla

In today’s era of modern internet, every user with access to a computer, and the World Wide Web, can easily create, manage and customize his personal website. You don’t even have to be technologically savvy to have your own website up and running in a matter of hours. All it takes is one of the […]

Wordpress vs Joomla

How to Copyright Your Articles in WordPress

There are many successful social media bloggers that had their work reproduced and stolen by their competing site. This concern may possibly take several days in order to resolve and might come to a point, where legal measures are necessary in order to get things completed. This is how important a copyright is. Content theft […]

Copyright your posts and articles